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Personal Learning Networks

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Personal Learning Networks





Notes for backchannel helpers: Session 1 runs 10-12pm Session 2 is from 1-3pm  Times are MST (Denver nearest large city. ) Please feel free to open the chat room at any time. My participants will not be in until around 10.  Thanks again for volunteering to help.

  • Backchannel chat. Please post your question in the chat room. Chances are you have the same questions as other people. I will also have volunteers around the country (literally) on hand to help answer your questions as they arise. (Make sure you click the Join Chat button on the bottom right corner to get into the actual chat room.)

           Chat transcript (Most of it!)


  • Spreadsheet where you can add your information.
  • Link to digital pictures.
  • Printable notes for this session.
  • This button will take you to a list of 50 fantastic educators who have been the core of my PLN since my early days on Twitter. These 50 were hand picked because they work in harmony together. Leaving even just one of them off will throw off the balance of this list.

  • Click on this button to get to a list of the new ESU13 Twitter users:






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Blog Posts on PLN's



Blog Posts on Twitter



Blog Posts on Nings



 Webinars and Slideshows


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